How to play and run Android pokies games on your Mac PC?

Android games on MAC

Android pokies games are easily available at Google play store to play for free and the big deal is that there are loads of Android games when compared to iPhone or Windows games. These games or Android game apps can be run on a Chromebook, depending on the model. For Windows and Mac there are several options available to run these Android games and one of which is Nox.  Nox is app that allows you not only to just play Android games, but also lets you use any Android app. So lets find out more about this app and how it can help you play and run Android pokies games on your MAC device.

The Nox App

Nox App

We have already discussed about many Android emulators and Nox is an Android emulator that creates a virtual Android phone or tablet on your computer allowing you to run apps. It is one of the most resource-intensive Android emulators available and a fantastic performance cannot be expected when using an old MAC device.

 It has options that allow you to specify how powerful your virtual CPU is and much RAM is available, these options come in handy for developers. Gamers can leave this option as default. The Nox project website describes the app as “the perfect Android emulator to play mobile games on PC.”

Nox runs Android 5.1 (Lollipop) by default. Although other versions can be used, apps that require later versions of Android can be tougher to run.

The most complicated part about setting up Nox is finding its official website. The correct one is and it is the version that the community backs. You will need to download the installer and run it. A warning that might ask you to deactivate your antivirus can be ignored. A warning that says “the KB4100347 patch is installed, which can affect the emulator’s performance” might pop up on Windows. Microsoft issued this patch to protect against the Spectre vulnerability, so you may want to consult the Microsoft support page for the error before you decide to uninstall it.

Installing games with Nox

Nox app for Android games on MAC

After a short tutorial about the user interface and instructions to use the app, you will find yourself in the home screen. By default, this is a landscape-mode, tablet-style display. Since this is the aspect ratio that most desktop apps use. But there is no cause for concern as Nox will reconfigure the window to adapt to the running app. Finding software is quite easy as well thanks to the Nox App Center.

Nox App centre

This store is exactly like the Google Play Store and it allows you to sign in with your Google username and password allowing you to download and install any apps you already own. There are no restrictions concerning the installation of new apps and games as well. Any app or game that is available on the Play Store is available on the Nox App Center. Any Android game or app can be played or used on Mac or Windows with the help of this emulator. Besides this you can also try variety of other Android emulators like BlueStacks, Andy and Remix OS Player to play games on Mac.

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