Can I Play iPhone Games on a PC

5 iphone games on pc

Apple would like people to believe that their iPhones and other Mac devices are the only ones worth owning. The brag about how good their devices are and how popular they are. It is hard to deny the popularity of the iPhone. Millions of people are walking around with that phone clutched in their hand.

One of the activities that people enjoy on their iPhone is playing games. From strategy to role playing games to their favorite online casino, the iPhone provide their users with hours of entertainment. There are probably hundreds of thousands of games available to be played on the iPhone. It is very easy for someone to get addicted to many of these games and want to play them more often. They may want to play the games on their PC, but they are not sure if this is even possible. All they have to do is search the question can I play iPhone games on a PC and they will quickly find out that it is not only possible, it is easy and it is fun.

There are a few steps that they have to know if they want to play their favorite iPhone games on their PC.

  • Find an iPhone emulator – this is software that helps turn your computer into an iPhone. When you download a program such as iPadian, you will be able to turn your PC into something that resembles the iPhone. Once the software is downloaded, you need to run the program.
  • Go to the app store – When you run iPadian, your PC will have a display that simulates the iPhone display. Look for the custom app store. Use this app on your computer to search for the games that you want.
  • Run the games – When you find the games at the app store, you can run them and play them from your PC.

While the steps are fairly easy to do, they are not perfect. iPhone emulators like iPadian have limitations. The limitations are the copyright laws that re in place. They will not give you access to all of the games that are available for the iPhone. They will only be able to provide games that they can access around the copyright laws. That does limit the number of games you can choose to play on your PC, but you will still have a wide variety to choose from.

When you do start to play the iPhone games on the PC, you will be able to see a full screen preview of the game and it will play in the same way as it does on your iPhone. It will help if your computer has a touchscreen, but this is not necessary to play the games.

The answer to the question about playing iPhone games on your PC is a definitive yes, but there is a catch and a person needs to understand what they are getting into before they get too excited. It may not be perfect but it is better than nothing.

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