5 Games for Mac that Make you Smile

6 mac games smile

Computer and computer devices serve a lot of different purposes. People use them for work and school. They use them to help communicate with friends and family. All of the things that a computer can do will help make people’s lives easier and that is a good thing.

Not all of the ways that people use their Mac computers have to have a lot of meaning in a person’s life. Sometimes, a computer can be the perfect way to improve your mood. Playing games on your Mac is one of the ways to accomplish this.

When people play games on the Mac they are usually looking for a way to pass some time. The problem is some games seem to become addictive. The player has a hard time getting away from the game and the computer. Instead of enjoying the game they become obsessed with reaching the next level. If they cannot do what they want with a game, they will get frustrated. There are plenty of games that can make a person feel this way.

If you want to find some of the best games for the Mac, you may need to change what you are looking for. Instead of looking for the most popular games or the most exciting games, consider looking for games that only do one thing. Find the games that can put a smile on your face. They can be simple or they can require some effort, but these games should not be frustrating. They should be something you can look forward to playing, but also something that you can walk away from and pick up again at a later time. When searching for the Mac games that make you smile, consider the ones listed below.

  1. RJDJ – this is an app that has been around for several years. It distorts the sounds that a person hears around them. It will transform the everyday sounds that people are used to hearing into music. It is amazing how different the world can sound with this app.
  2. icomposer – this app will turn people into their own composer. Al that is needed is to whistle into a microphone and the app will turn that music into musical notes. This app is a great way to access one’s creative side without having to be an expert in music.
  3. Draw Something – one of the first ways that people are taught to entertain themselves is by drawing. This app is the perfect way to find your inner child and that will always make people smile.
  4.  Tap n Smile – This is a very simple game. The screen will show happy and sad faces. When you tap in the sad faces, the frowns are turned upside down. Everyone knows that a smile is something that is very contagious and this game will make everyone around smile.
  5. Make me smile – This app does exactly what it says. Take photos from your library and when you need to smile, tap on the button and see the picture that will give you the grin you want. It is also possible to create smile songs with this app.
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