Rhyming Reels Jack and Jill

rhyming reels jack and jill
Rhyming Reels Jack and Jill – Play Now

Pokie machines are for adults. Despite the name that is taken from a familiar nursery rhyme, Rhyming Reels Jack and Jill is made for adults.

It takes the rhyme that we grew up with as kids and turns it into a pokie machine for your Mac computer device that is much more grown up.

Microgaming has manage to take this seemingly harmless theme and turned into a racy adventure that allows player to enjoy the graphics as they try to hit the big jackpot. It is a 5 reel 20 pay line machine that gives players plenty of opportunities to win.

The sound effects are perfect when combined with the graphics and fit in well with the Rhyming Reels Jack and Jill is trying to portray. It is a combination of naughty and nice that all adults will enjoy.

The Graphics

No pokie machine is complete without the traditional playing card symbols and they will appear on this machine. They may not be exciting, but the things that the Jack and Jill symbols can do are. In addition to a handsome Jack and a sexy Jill, other symbols include the pail of water, a hilltop well, a first aid kit and a Jack and Jill Joint. All of these graphics are adult themed, so beware.

All of the graphics are colorful, crisp and clear, but you would expect no less form a game from Microgaming. The sound effects are also well done and the game is easy to play thanks to the excellent graphics. You can figure out how much you won and why you won easily thanks to the graphics.

When it comes to payouts, this game has plenty to offer. The largest jackpot comes when you get 5 Jack. That will pay 15,000 coins. 5 Jills will yield you a payout of 10,000 coins and if you combine to get 5 Jack and Jills on a pay line you will get 7,500 coins. You might also see some interesting action when Jack and Jill are next to each other.

The only way to get a larger jackpot is when you are in the free spins mode. When this happens you could end up with an amazing 1,100,000 coins. That is something that will make you fall in love with nursery rhymes all over again.

The Game Play

Rhyming Reels Jack and Jill does not miss anything when it comes to gameplay. It features free spins, a multiplier wild cards and scatter symbols. The scatter symbol is the pail of water and if you can fetch 3 of the on the screen you will trigger the free spins.


Once you start playing this game, you will forget about what you learned from the nursery rhyme as a kid. Jack and Jill may still go up the hill, but they are not fetching a pail of water. They are bringing you a pokie machine that is a lot of fun and a great way to build up your winnings at the online casino on your Mac computer device.

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