What are the new 5 Mac Apps you can download now?

What are the new five Mac Apps you can download now in 2020

Mac users have good news as there are very best apps now available to download which will surely optimize your Mac experience. These apps are utility apps that can be used as learning keyboard shortcuts, searching cloud services and watching videos.

1. Sensei

Sensei for Mac

Sensei is developed by Cindori AB in Stockholm, Sweden. They’ve developed apps like Trim Enabler, Disk Sensei, Command Center and VR Desktop, which are used by millions of Mac users worldwide.

Sensei app designed for Mac optimization, offering a clean interface and a range of tools for disk cleaning, battery health monitoring, GPU, CPU, and RAM monitoring, temperature monitoring, SSD Trim enabling, uninstalling apps, fan control, file deleting, and more. You can choose whether to subscribe or purchase a full license. Both options include access to all the features in Sensei, continuous updates and support, as well as new features Sensei costs $29 per year or $59 for a lifetime license, but there is a free trial to test it out.

This license is valid for one person on up to three Macs. Additional seats can be added during checkout. Price listed in USD and requires macOS 10.15 Catalina or later.

2. Mouseless

Mouseless app for Mac

Mouseless is an app that helps you learn all of the keyboard shortcuts in your favorite apps, offering up short interactive training sessions that teach shortcuts and then reinforce the learning right away. It’s a nifty little tool for anyone who wants to become more accustomed to app shortcuts. A session takes less than 5 minutes and covers about 10 shortcuts. Apply your new skills right away to reinforce your learning experience.

With their database you’ve got more than 1.000 keyboard commands at your fingertips, subdivided by app and category. Mouseless translates shortcuts to the language requirements of your keyboard. Also covers the basics with shortcuts for macOS or let your fingers fly in one of the 23 apps and tools you already love. Click here to download now. The app cost $20

3. Clew 

Clew app for Mac

Clew is your central hub for workplace productivity. Find files, act on them, and share blazingly fast with Clew. Basically a search app designed to let you search through all of your connected cloud accounts so you can find exactly what you’re looking for and then share it quickly using drag and drop. Option + Space is going to be your new favorite keyboard shortcut. Open and close Clew above all your other apps. Clew supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Github, and more. This is a free app for Mac.

4. Gooba 

Gooba App for Mac

Gooba is a writing app and task manager that combines note taking, writing, and task management, so you can do things like write a document and then set a reminder for when to send it. It offers Markdown support, keyboard shortcuts, and cross platform compatibility so you can use it on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Though the app is free but you can go for premium service with loads of more features for just $3.99. Click here to download now.

5. Clicker 

Clicker app for Mac

Clicker is a set of apps designed for streaming video services that include Netflix, Disney+, YouTube TV, and Hulu, which is the newest app of the bunch. Clicker lets you launch right from the dock and it offers picture-in-picture support, quick video pausing, full-screen browsing, touch bar controls, and more. It’s a useful app for accessing video services that are normally restricted to the browser on the Mac. All of the apps cost $5, but the Disney+ version is free. Click here to buy now.

Now download these wonderful new Mac apps on your Mac device. Remember the price listed here for the apps are subject to change, these were as highlighted at the time of writing.

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