Is it Safe to Play Casino Games for Real Money Online?

Does This Mean an Online Casino is Safe

The idea of checking your online bank account and finding out that all of your money has disappeared or getting a credit card bill that includes thousands of dollars of charges that you have no clue where they came from is not very appealing. It is important that people do everything they can to protect themselves financially whenever they are online. More people than ever are buying things online, whether it is product or services. They are also engaging in activities that require them to provide financial information to different websites. The hope is that they are doing this safely, but a person has to always wonder if the decisions they are making are the right ones.

Going to a casino is a fun way to spend some time. The thrill of playing the pokies or showing off skill at a table game is something that many enjoy. Earlier one had to go to a casino, you had to either live in the right place or travel to where the casino is. That has changed with the explosion of online casinos. Now people around the world can join an online casino and play their favorite games. If they are lucky enough, they can win some big money. In order to do that a person will have to give real money to the online casinos. The question is if such online transaction at the casino and playing games is the safe thing to do and if the risk is worth it.

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There are plenty of online casinos that are legitimate businesses. They run games that are fair and they pay people the money they win. There are other casinos that are not so honest. The key to playing with real money at an online casino is to choose the right casino. Learning how to do that requires a few steps.

Look for certified casinos

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There are many casinos that are certified as fair, safe and secure by third party agencies. Look for a seal of approval from agencies such as eCogra at Microgaming casinos or ITech Labs, Gaming Laboratories International or any other auditing and testing labs to certify that the casino you are ready to play pokies is safe and secure.

Look at independent reviews

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The internet is full of sites that offer reviews and information about the online casinos and their safety with real money. You can check at these sites and read the casino reviews before you jump in for real money pokies. Many online casinos even have their independent reviews from players and give honest opinion of their own casinos.

Click here to read the independent reviews of the online casinos to play pokies.

Check the payment methods

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In order to play with real money at an online casino, an electronic payment method is usually needed. Some payment methods offer more security than others. Credit Cards, Neteller, PayPal, Neosurf, Bitcoins and other methods offer fraud protection that makes it much safer to play at the casinos with.

Learn the banking rules

Online casinos will have rules about how much a person can deposit or withdrawal, how long it takes to credit an account with the money and what the rules about any disputes are. Take the time to learn the rules before depositing any money.

Watch out for withdrawals

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The rules for withdrawing money may not be the same as depositing money. It can take more time and not all of the payment methods will work for withdrawals. This is something else that should be known before any real money is exchanged.

Payouts at Casinos

Besides these the safe online casinos have their payout audited by independent professional auditors and make their payout reports available for your inspection. The payout report indicates total players’ winnings as a percentage of total players’ wagers. If the payout report says 95% it means that, on average, for every $100 that is wagered, $95 is returned to the players as winnings and the remaining $5 goes to the online  casino for their operating costs and profit.

Remember that the payout percentage is “on average.” It does not mean that a particular online  player on a particular day is guaranteed to win back $95 for every $100 that he wagers. One player might get lucky playing slots online and hit a $20,000 jackpot. That’s way above average. Another player might have a bad day and do below average. Nevertheless, a high percentage number in the payout report is a good sign that the casino is a safe casino with fair games and fair payouts.

The simple answer to the question of safety when playing for real money at casinos is yes, it is safe. But, it is only as safe as the person and the casino that is involved. When a person takes the steps to choose the right casino and to understand all of the rules, they can enjoy their chance and hopefully they will get lucky and win some real money.

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